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Episode 23: Boost Your Confidence – Part 2

July 25, 2023 Dr. Mary Ann Mercer
Positive Life Answers
Episode 23: Boost Your Confidence – Part 2
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Hello everyone….I’m Dr. Mary Ann Mercer.
Welcome to my ‘Positive Life Answers’ Podcast

I am your podcast host & Self-Improvement expert, Dr. Mary Ann Mercer.  
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Welcome to Episode 23: Boost Your Confidence – Part 2 

In my ‘Positive Life Answers Podcast’, my goal is to help you transform the quality of your life.  And…help you create the life you desire.  The goal of my podcast is to help you make improvements and changes in practical and empowering ways.  Let’s create your best life ever!

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Today’s episode was inspired as a result of recent emails from my listeners.

They said “Dr. Mary, how do I become more confident?  How do a muster up some confidence in pursuing my goals or making changes in my life – in addition to the optimism habits?  Great question you all.  Therefore, today’s topic is about how to “Boost your Confidence”.
Today’s episode topic: Boost Your Confidence – Part 2

Last time we covered some major topics and many ideas within them in boosting your confidence, such as
Method 1:  Simplified Psychoanalysis
Method 2:  Get New, Healthy Role Models
Method 3:  Make Yourself More Attractive – not talking physically only

Today we will continue our confidence-building techniques, for example:
Method 5:  Don't Put Your Happiness on Stand-By
Method 6:  Realize You Married Your Spouse -- Not Your Parents (You are not your parent's level of functioning)

In one of our audio programs, we developed a 6-hour audio program & workbook.  It is based on our book called, "Endless Love, Romance & Passion: Secrets of Happy & Loving Couples™".  It is an Audio Program you listen to while you make notes and plan your future via our exercises in the Doctors’ Manual Workbook--which helps you goes further to  succeed.  Today however I will especially address – How To  Boost Your Confidence & Happiness.

There are many ways you can boost your confidence.  You received the first sampling last week, and now more way today in Part 2.  I  help you with self-esteem, confidence, and of course improving all relationships in your life.

Here is a link for ore information about our 6-hour programhttps://positivelifeanswers.com/love-romance/      Or to get your copy of one of our books,  go to www.PositiveLifeAnswers.com and visit our online store. 
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